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Our goal is to have you feeling better physically, mentally and to create an environment that is both welcoming and fun. Our Team is diverse, experienced and is encouraged to bring their own unique style to their Classes. We emphasize that Yoga is not just about flexibility. It’s about building strength, stability and mindfulness.

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I am a retiree, currently attending Jackie Guzman’s yoga flow class twice a week. In my earlier years, I had several serious sports injuries from skiing, horseback riding, and rock climbing. My doctors recommended practicing yoga to help regain my strength, flexibility and mobility. A nice surprise was that, in addition to helping me recover and stay active, I discovered I really enjoy yoga. It’s very important to have an instructor like Jackie that inspires you, gives clear instructions, encourages you to pay attention to your body’s needs, to go at your own pace, and develop a healthy mind/body connection. Bonus: Jackie is a natural teacher, her class is fun to attend, and I have made some wonderful new friends.

Bridget G.

Jackie is a wonderful yoga instructor. I’ve been practicing yoga for many years and can honestly say she’s one of the best. I have a medical condition that requires me to stay active in order to remain healthy. She is a huge motivator and at times, will personally reach out to me asking if I’ll be at class which I love, because she holds me accountable without even knowing it. Thanks to her, I’m keeping my body active and strong. She’s also extremely knowledgeable and explains each pose very well and clear. She’s friendly and genuinely cares about her students. She literally greets everyone that walks into the studio by name.

Gwen B.

I met Jackie when she was a new teacher with Yoga One, and then YogaWorks, and religiously attended her classes because I liked her unique style and playlists. Her cues are descriptive and she has a great sense of humor – this helped me come back over and over again when I was a new yogi. She helped me decide that I wanted to engage in yoga teacher training, and after I did, she was supportive with critiques and encouraged me to find my own teaching style. During the pandemic, she organized and led regular outdoor yoga classes that helped people feel safe but still get their in-person yoga practice (I was finding it difficult to do yoga at home). Jackie also creates a sense of community with her birthday celebrations, themed classes around holidays, and personalized playlists. This was super helpful to me when I was new to Pearland, and now have a big yogi-based friend group!


Yoga gives me a chance to step away from all of the stress. For an hour, I’m not thinking about chores, or work, or errands. I’m breathing, stretching, and caring for myself. Jackie has really changed my approach to practice. We listen to fun music, laugh, grunt and burp together. She understands what we need and explains what the stretches are for, like counteracting computer work or releasing lower back pain. She’s allowed me to loosen up and enjoy the practice, and brings the fun into each class!

Kaylen H.

This is a community focused on a self-care practice. You can learn the more difficult poses but the focus is safety in the movement. I have felt at ease and a sense of community. We enjoy our practice and each other. We celebrate birthdays, accomplishments and all the joys life can bring. We are diverse and yet the same. Together we heal from injuries and heartaches. It’s truly a safe place and for one hour you can just be with no worries.

Toni D.

If I were to sum up Yoga in four words, it would be “It makes life better.” Since I began my yoga practice nine years ago on July 25th, everything has changed for the better. My life, health, mindset, attitude – all have improved; but the most important thing yoga did for me was relieve me of my addiction from substance abuse. I had back surgery, high blood pressure and other health issues. Prior to yoga, things were a mess. Jackie and I were students together before she before an instructor. The one thing that sticks out is Jackie’s courage. That bright-eyed lady is a fantastic Yogi and I’m proud to call her my friend. I have and will continue to recommend Jackie as an instructor. In summation, Jackie has shown me that Yoga is far more than some fancy poses on a mat…it’s a better way of living life.

Brad B.

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